A Tribute to analogue

27.04.17 The Future Of Work - Series 1.0

An Event by NOMAD


Binary Bellinis

(choose to go to the dark side, or not)


Tenured professors’s old fashioned old fashioned

(flavours and aromas to mix in- vinyl, sharpened pencil, book, leather, liquorice etc.)


Digital Nomad’s Water Cooler Martini

(from water coolers of gin and vermouth. Served in scented water paper cones)


Mistaken Scholars’s Espresso Martini

(served Italian style with a little bottle of Tipp-Ex ‘correction fluid’)



Not so Basic Fish and Chips

(Fish “in” Chips - Squid Ink Potato Battered Monkfish Cheeks, Black Vinegar Powder)

Humanoid & Android truffled stuffed mushroom

(Chicken and White Truffle hand Stuffed Morels)

Remote Working Lamb

(Charcoal Crusted Lamb Cutlets, Barbecued Aubergine Puree Carved at the table and given a “sachet” of charcoal crust to shake over)

Cybernetic Jelly & Cauliflower

(Black Olive and Vermouth Jelly, Salt Baked Cauliflower, Chervil Whipped Cream Served in a glass as a savoury trifle, with the salt baked cauliflower florets cracked open in vivo)